“Kate Hudson’s Fan Confession: ‘The Bachelor’ Devotee revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live podcast at ABC!”

By Shweta Soni

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Kate Hudson’s Fan Confession : In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, celebrities are finding new avenues to connect with their audience. One such trend gaining momentum is the promotion of podcasts by well-known personalities. Recently, Hollywood star Kate Hudson made headlines for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she revealed her fan status in the Bachelor franchise.

Kate Hudson’s Fan Confession

During an appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, Kate Hudson declared that she was a fan of The Bachelor.

Yes, Kate replied. I took a little hiatus, but Golden Bachelor brought me back to life. since I became engrossed after watching one episode and balling my eyes out.

The Bachelor’s star this season, Joey Graziadei, was introduced to Jimmy, 56, by Kate, 44, who was dressed in a short black dress with a plunging neckline. Joey also made an appearance on the chat show after the season premiere.

Kate Hudson's Fan Confession

“Very lovely eyes,” Kate remarked.

Kate and her 47-year-old brother Oliver Hudson made an appearance on the chat show to advertise their podcast, Sibling Revelry.

They told tales of their 72-year-old father Kurt Russell, who was often getting into unusual situations. Kate recounted an instance when she was watching the NBA Finals across the street from O.J. Simpson’s residence at a friend’s house.

“It was a big chase,” Kate remarked, alluding to the notorious fugitive’s pursuit on June 17, 1994. O.J. was traveling on the 405 when Kurt abruptly said, “Oh, he’s going home.” The next thing you know, he’s in the car, driving to O.J.’s house. I’m not sure why. merely to observe the outcome.

Kate reported that later, at O.J.’s house, they saw Kurt on TV, hidden behind the caution tape. According to Oliver, his father also “had a run-in with Ted Bundy, he beat up Charlie Manson’s right-hand man, Tex Watson.”

Kate Hudson's Fan Confession

Kate remarked, “I might not believe either of these stories.”

According to Kate, their family was quite creative, and at one point they went to considerable measures to try and convince a childhood friend that they were indeed a vampire family.

Kate remarked, “We pranked him twice.” “We informed him that our home would be the launch pad for a spaceship.”

Kate told Oliver’s kids not to worry about the stern aunt.

Kate remarked, “Our parents were so laid back.”

Jimmy inquired as to if Oliver and her dated one other’s pals.

“Date is a powerful word,” Kate remarked. “A lot of hookups occurred.”

“There are inconsistencies here as well because Kate had an affair with my friend, actor Scott Caan,” Oliver remarked.

Kate admitted, “I never made out with Scottie.” “It never took place.” Scottie claimed it never took place.

Kate Hudson's Fan Confession

Oliver remarked, “I still don’t believe him.”

“I support Oliver,” Jimmy declared.

Jimmy stated they would put Scott on a lie detector and ask him if he ever returned to the show.

Kate declared, “I would do it and I would win.” “I could defeat it.” I would be truthful.


There are now more ways to promote material thanks to the convergence of podcasting, traditional media outlets, and celebrity impact. Kate Hudson’s experience is a prime example of the beneficial and mutually beneficial relationship that exists between celebrities and the podcasting business.

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