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Hello friends,

my name is Shweta and with the help of our website, I keep bringing new and good stories for you. Similarly, today I have brought “The Lost Key” ENGLISH STORY for you, friends you will enjoy reading the story “The Lost Key” ENGLISH STORY, so please friends, read this story completely and share it with your friends and family. Do share with people. Thank you.

“The Lost Key”

Maggie was a young woman who resided in a rural small town. She lived alone in a modest home at the edge of the woods and worked as a teacher at the neighbourhood school. She discovered her house key missing from her pocket one day while she was walking home from school.

Maggie looked through her purse, her pockets, and the surroundings around her but couldn’t locate the key. When she realised she might have left the key behind on her way home from school, a flood of terror swept over her. She made the decision to go back and find the key because she was aware that it would be impossible to spend the night outside her home.

She went back to the school and looked in every room, hallway, and outdoor area, but she couldn’t find the key. Maggie was now becoming concerned. She moved in the direction of the woods and looked in all the usual places, but the key was nowhere to be seen.

She came across a small cabin that she had never seen before as she ventured further into the woods. She walked up to the cabin and knocked, but no one came back. To check if her key was inside, she made the decision to look about.

Since the door wasn’t locked, Maggie entered. The cabin included a bed, a table, and a fireplace, and it was compact and comfortable. Maggie observed a small wooden box on the table, despite the absence of any signs of habitation. A key was inside the box when she opened it. Her key was on it!

Maggie was ecstatic to see her key, but she questioned how it got inside the cabin. As she made the decision to look around the cabin more, she came across a journal on a table. She grabbed the journal and opened it.


The owner of the notebook was a woman by the name of Sarah who had been in the cabin for a number of years. Sarah had lived a solitary life, rarely leaving the cottage. She had constructed the home herself and had survived by hunting and fishing on the area.

Maggie came to the conclusion that Sarah had lived a solitary and isolated existence as she read the journal.Maggie felt bad for Sarah and questioned why she had never sought to ask for assistance. She made the decision to visit the town hall and learn more about Sarah. She learned that Sarah had passed away a few years prior and that her cabin had been left unoccupied ever since.

Maggie made the decision to restore the cabin and keep it as a historical landmark in Sarah’s honour. She was thankful that she had located her misplaced key and that she had found the cabin, which had given her a fresh outlook on life.

She came to the realisation that despite living alone, she was not really by herself. She was surrounded by a group of people who looked out for her and would lend a hand if she needed it. Maggie resolved to interact with her neighbours and participate in the community more going forward. She came to the conclusion that life was about more than just having things or achieving goals; it was also about interacting with others and having a positive impact on the world.


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