Jay Leno’s Shocking Move : Wife’s Conservator Request Revealed

Jay Leno, former Tonight Show host, filed for conservatorship for his wife, Mavis, after her dementia diagnosis.

The filing aims to establish a living trust to manage Mavis's assets for her future care in case of Jay's death.

Mavis, aged 77, isn't contesting the conservatorship and doesn't prefer another person to act as her conservator.

Leno requests Mavis not to attend the court hearing for her well-being, stating it would be detrimental to her mental and physical health.

Probate attorney David A. Esquibias explains that Jay seeks court permission to create an estate plan for Mavis due to her dementia.

If granted, Jay may name himself as her beneficiary, but if denied, a costly probate proceeding may occur upon her death.

If approved, attorney David DuFault states that Leno will be responsible for all decisions based on the court's scope.

Courts prefer less restrictive orders, potentially granting broad authority to Jay in managing financial assets and making decisions.

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