"Kate Hudson's Ultimate 'Bachelor' Fan Confession: The Unveiling on Jimmy Kimmel Live Podcast at ABC!"

Hollywood actress Kate Hudson recently confessed her love for 'The Bachelor' during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kate took a break from the show but returned after watching an emotional episode, expressing her newfound interest in the "Golden Bachelor."

During the show, Kate introduced 'The Bachelor' star Joey Graziadei to Jimmy Kimmel, praising his "very lovely eyes.

Kate, along with her brother Oliver Hudson, promoted their podcast 'Sibling Revelry' on the chat show.

The siblings shared amusing stories about their father, Kurt Russell, including an incident during O.J. Simpson's infamous car chase.

Kurt decided to go to O.J.'s house to witness the outcome, leaving Kate puzzled about his motivations.

The Hudson family, known for their creativity, once played a prank on a childhood friend, convincing him they were a vampire family.

Kate recalled telling Oliver's kids not to worry about their stern aunt, emphasizing their parents' laid-back nature.

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