Unveiling Rose Day's Romantic Secrets | The Allure of Roses Explained

Roses Beyond Beauty: Despite their cost, roses are revered for more than aesthetics, carrying deep symbolic meaning in expressions of love.

Rose Day Traditions: February 7 marks Rose Day, where people exchange roses not only with their partners but also with parents and friends.

Historical Symbolism: The red rose, entrenched in Roman, Greek, and Shakespearean lore, stands as an enduring symbol of profound affection and beauty.

Myths and Magic: Rose myths date back 35 million years, intertwining with Greek tales of love and tragedy, connecting them to the goddess Aphrodite.

Roman Rose Rituals: Romans adorned weddings with roses, using petals in various ways, while the term 'sub rosa' hinted at confidentiality under painted ceilings.

Roses in Art and Literature: Over centuries, roses captivated artists and writers. In 13th-century French poetry and Shakespearean plays, roses symbolized love, beauty, desire, and purity.

Symbolism Evolution: From ancient times to modern society, roses continue to symbolize love in various media, showcasing their timeless allure in different cultural expressions.

Shakespearean Romance: In works like Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare masterfully wove roses into metaphors, further immortalizing them as enduring symbols of love and romance.

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